Abject project

p14 by you.

Just a few things that intrest me!

Bums And Beer

Apple vs. PC

Assignment 1

Had to use an ordinary everyday program to create a piece of digital art.  I chose word doc.

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Dumb Sh*t

Blogging sucks. I hate blogging and I hate those that blog. If you are offended by this or just think Im a hater, get off your computer go make some real friends and hug about it. I dont care! And for those who want to get smart the only reason im doing this is because I have to (for a class). Unlike you losers who are to scared of human interaction and live your lives at a desk. Quit playing that WOW and go get laid for christ sake your 30.

Eat Sh*t world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!